is a journey

but, it's paths are less travelled


we are too busy with our routine life

There could be several reasons why we do not follow wellness practices consistently.

While many of us might be  having lack of awareness and time constraints to follow wellness practices, our consistency to follow the practices matters a lot.

It’s important to remember that wellness is a long-term process, and sustainable changes often require time and patience. Many of us start a practice and leave it in midway if we do not see immediate results.

That’s why the roads to wellness are always less travelled.

Imagine we sow a seed today and water it daily

It will fruit for our life

Practising Wellness is very identical to nurturing a tree. Though it doesn't fruit in the near term, it will fruit aplenty during the later part of our life.

Patience and Consistency pay off

What if we ignore

we would invite lifestyle health disorders

Lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, kidney failure, some cancers, etc. have grown exponentially in the last 40 to 50 years like never before.

Deterioration of our lifestyle is the prominent reason for this.

The way we lead our life plays a vital role in increasing the chances for the development of Lifestyle disorders.

The simple things in life such as the time we hit the bed, how long we sleep, the way we breathe, what and how we eat, smoking, alcohol and the extent of our physical activities heavily influence the functioning of our body and determine the possibility of Lifestyle disorders.

Most of the people affected by lifestyle disorders end up with lifetime medications — it hugely affects the quality of life and drains their pockets too.

is there any better alternative for lifetime medications?


There are 80% chances for us to prevent/manage/reverse lifestyle disorders - just through lifestyle modifications

Says Dr. Susheel K Sharma, a Board Certified Consultant Cardiologist who practiced in Maryland USA

How does it work?

Integrated Wellness Science and Practice (IWSP) pioneered by two of our accomplished medical doctors helps people transform their lifestyles. The unique model works on Diet, Activities, Stress management, and Habit transformation (DASH),


Scientific understanding of how our diet affects the functioning of body systems. Learn and practice a healthy diet.


Lack of physical activity increases the risk of lifestyle disorders. Learn and practice Yoga and simple exercises. Be active.

Stress Management

Stress affects our physical and mental well-being. And all of us undergo stress often. Learn and practice Pranayama and Meditation. Manage your stress.

Habit Transformation

Bad habits are easy to form and hard to break. Good habits are hard to form and easy to break. Learn and practice scientific methods of habit change.

It impacted many lives

Many people following our practice have come out of diabetes and other lifestyle disorders such as High BP. Hear out their experiences.

It is a gradual changeover from medications to lifestyle modifications. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Choose Lifestyle Transformation, not Lifetime Medication.

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