Healthcare Academy

REACHH Healthcare Academy, Njarakkal, Cochin

Reachh Healthcare Academy (RHA) is committed to helping would be Doctor leaders assume greater roles and positively influence their teams, patients and the community at large.

We at RHA believe that it takes an entire community including internal and external stakeholders to nurture an environment for learning and growth.

Reachh Leadership Blueprint is our common point of reference, and knits the four key dimensions i.e. Inspire Transformation, Unlock Synergies, Amplify Team Potential and Unleash Impact for Patients.

Reachh aims to help the Doctors to be ready for the future. This framework is integrated into our developmental interventions, assessment and talent review cycles at the Organisation at large.

Developmental Insights: We will deploy a host of tools to help our Doctors become better aware of their leadership personalities and styles.

  • Connect: A robust IT platform enables to you Reachh the doctor from anywhere at anytime.

  • At an Individual and Group level: We use psychometric and 360-degree feedback tools to help Doctors gain good insights about their own styles, and also be aware of the predominant style of their team members and peers.

  • At an Organizational level: Annual Talent Reviews are held each year to understand the fitment of Doctor talent in the Performance - Potential grid.

Developmental Approach: RHA charter is in-sync with the Reachh Healthcare company activity, to stay agile and continuously explore new and impactful developmental efforts.

  • At RHA we will adopt a T-shaped approach that includes generic and specific interventions:
    Our universal offerings include blended learning experiences that address common developmental needs across levels and geographies.
    Customized interventions for the Patient Interface and the Delivery Units, dedicated to assessment and practice.

  • For selecting promising leaders, we will have an esteemed program in partnership with world-class learning partners. This includes stretched inter-regional assignments to apply their learnings on a real-time basis, internal and external coaches as well as opportunities to interface with senior leaders within Reachh and the healthcare industry.

Reachh Healthcare Academy will work towards facilitating an ecosystem that helps doctor leaders invest in their own development and become better at not just what they do but also for the larger society of which we are all a part of.