Blog - Applications of Telemedicine

  • Dr. Vivek
  • 2 May 2019

Applications of Telemedicine

Using health software for routine follow-up visits is not only more efficient for providers and patients, but it also increases the likelihood of follow-up, reducing missed appointments and improving patient outcomes.This which is one of the painstaking procedure as revealed by many can be simplified both for the provider and the patient alike by efficient use of Telemedicine services.

Remote chronic disease management: The increasing rate of chronic disease is a major challenge for our health system. It is a prime candidate for the use of telemedicine software because it makes it easier and less expensive for patients to maintain control over their health.This is an ideal area where Homoeopathy can be very much beneficial with chances of future innovation and development.

Preventative care support: Telemedicine can be a valuable tool in connecting Doctors with patients to make sure they get the support they need to be successful.Weight loss and smoking cessation are the keys to reducing heart disease and a host of other conditions. This can be effectively and productively done by Telemedicine with mutual understanding & cooperation.

Assisted living centre support: Telemedicine has already proven to be useful in keeping residence of assisted living facilities out of the hospital. Problems often occur at night or on weekends, making hospitalization the only option even for less urgent problems. With telemedicine, on-call doctors can conduct an online visit to determine if hospitalization is necessary

School based telehealth: When children become ill at school, they might visit a school nurse or be picked up by their parents and taken to an doctor. Some innovative schools have teamed up with doctors/hospitals to conduct remote visits to the school. The doctors/hospitals can assess the urgency of the case and provide instructions or reassurance to parents as need; by online consultation.