Reachh Healthcare project was conceived in 2016. The origins were connected to the background of the promoters who wanted to address the health needs of Special Children (Children with Neuro-developmental disability) at their school, Akshadhaa Foundation (http://www.akshadhaafoundation.org/) thru deploying the power of alternate medicine.

Reasons for choosing Homeopathy (alternate medicine)?

Homeopathy has the suppleness to exactly get to the root cause of the issue of the special child who is unable to express in words or action. The doctor is at times able to issue a combination of medicines enabling a situation to get better with the one medicine which suits the child’s condition. Also at the slightest indication of ill health, the treatment can commence in Homeopathy which may not be possible with the mainstream medicine methodology. The power of Homeopathy lies in its method wherin any ‘symptom’ (health condition like cough…) is due to a ‘cause’ which then triggers the ‘symptom’ in people who are ‘susceptible’. So it is this set of ‘susceptible’ ‘People’ who have to be treated who are different than the other people who are not ‘susceptible’ to the same ‘cause’. Hence the Fundamental of Homeopathy is so very universal that it can be repeated in every single case it encounters.

"Wellness and Homeopathy" by Mr. Rajiv Bajaj

In the next step, Homeopathy treats this set of susceptible people by addressing the ‘cause’ and not the ‘symptom’. It is important to say that modern developments in Homeopathy have enabled quick and permanent relief for ailments which have been non-addressable by the mainstream medicine. The Homeopathy’s natural sources of medicine results in it being non-toxic and hence without adverse or strong side-effects. These fundamentals enable Homeopathic treatment to be remotely administered while being as impactful. Also being cost effective it can be very affordable for a vast cross section of our society thereby enabling its positive impact a few more notches.

Actual Beginnings

Reachh had its modest beginning from a Clinic in North Bangalore. The Project owners always were clear on the vision of the project but had decided to start grounds-up they wanted to have hands on experience before forging ahead. It has been a very fascinating journey till now and very encouraging from many perspectives. The project has given the promoters the impetus to forge ahead and work with a single minded devotion after resigning from their day jobs.

The core vision for Reachh Healthcare has been the ones as below:

Developmental Insights: We will deploy a host of tools to help our Doctors become better aware of their leadership personalities and styles.

  1. We will aim to create avenues to make quality healthcare accessible for our country’s billions; hence the name ReachH…
  2. The process we are adopting is of Total and Pre-emptive Wellbeing which will deploy multi-modal methodologies to raise the life standards of the citizens of our country. (Proactive)
  3. The complete business will be conducted on a robust IT Platform engaging the latest in technologies. (Futuristic) With these 3 Pillars of being Accessible, Proactive and Futuristic as our organizational goals, we are aiming to change the landscape for Healthcare not only in India but eventually also across the world.

Reachh has had a good success in the last 3 years since its inception. In the next phase and a recent initiative, Reachh is investing heavily into Industrial and Rural healthcare as its future growth strategy. As a pilot the team has initiated the project at remotely located work situations where with the Reachh intervention large groups of people can be inducted in a structured health plan which will enhance their well-being. The aim of the organisation is to get into rural health with tech intervention which will meet the first level connect into the deepest corner of the country. Reachh is looking to strategically tie up with organisations across the country to enable this connect into the country’s rural heartlands and facilitate access to primary health which is such a high-pitched requirement for the upliftment of the masses.

Reachh is envisaged to be a multi-locational and immensely diverse organisation going forward into the near future; aiming to enable healthcare to the teeming millions across the world.